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29 Jan

Tropical Storm Nate quickly morphed into Hurricane Nate on Thursday October 5th and continued to build and approach the Gulf Coast as we enjoyed the first full Music Conference session at the ACE.

Cooking as a team is a recent tradition we’ve come to enjoy.

We have a lot of fun researching, planning and then getting together to prepare hearty heritage meals.

We placed the finished cut and rolled pici pasta on flour topped parchment so it wouldn’t stick, three layers high.

We covered the top layer with parchment and a towel, then refrigerated it until we were ready to eat. We cooked the pici in boiling water just like other pastas…but because the pici pasta is so thick…you have to allow extra cooking time.

They want you fed, full and outta there ASAP so the next jumbo sized diner can take your place. For the uninformed, the biennial Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans is a celebration of American roots music, with an emphasis on the Unsung Heroes of rock, blues, soul, R and B, gospel and any other form of bone satisfying rhythm you can imagine…or shake your booty to.That evening…with our stomachs full and our spirits rising…Hurricane Nate’s footprint crept closer…growing bigger, wetter and more wild. For a review of how and why The Stomp exists…you can get up to speed with a couple of pieces I wrote about it on these pages during my last Stomp visit to the Crescent City back in 2015…here…and here.Often we follow recipes handed down to us by my Mom and her Mom…my Grandmother, Maria Truzzolino.During our time we visit a lot, joke around some…and also share thoughts about what it must have been like for our ancestors to prepare meals with little money and few ingredients back in the This year we were running short on time before our self-imposed Christmas Eve deadline.ACE Hotel New Orleans, Archie Bell, Felix's Oyster Bar, Food, Hurricane Nate, Louisiana, New Orleans, Philly Sound, Ponderosa Stomp, Rosemont Records, The Electrifying Crown Seekers, The Famous Rocks of Harmony, The Ponderosa Stomp, Travel, Winfield Parker was bearing down upon us. Our five man Band of Music Brothers…Tim, Ed, Les, Bob and yours truly…