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20 Jan

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One example of Do S attack against MFP(11w) will be demonstrated.

Md Sohail Ahmad is a wireless security researcher in Air Tight Networks.

Top of page This presentation describes how attackers could take advantage of SQL Injection vulnerabilities using time-based blind SQL injection.

The goal is to stress the importance of establishing secure development best practices for Web applications and not only to entrust the site security to the perimeter defenses.

As pentesters and hackers we often find the need to create our exploits on the fly. But one challenge took us to a new limit and a new level. From Bug to 0Day will show the audience the process of fuzzing, locating the bug, using egghunters then figuring out to build a pure alphanumeric shellcode to exploit it.

This will truly be the most mind bending 60 mins you will spend in exploit development.

Mati is a network security professional, currently working with various Military and Government agencies as well as private sector businesses.

His day to day work involves vulnerability research, exploit development and whitebox / blackbox Penetration Testing.

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