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22 Jan

She said at that time: She also said that Andrew is someone she still loves very much. In January 2017, there were speculations of both coming together when they were seen at the Golden Globes 2017.

Andrew had also given Emma a standing ovation when she won the Golden Globe for the best actress.

They were also seen hugging at the BAFTA’s pre-party in February 2017.

Emma Stone was then romantically linked with Kieran Culkin, who is Macaulay Culkin’s brother.

They began their romance in 2009-2010 and broke up in April 2011.

And when it does, listening to it will more than likely send you right back to those after school feels, circla 2006.American actress, Emma Stone, 29 seems to have moved on in life and found new love in ‘Saturday Night Life’s writer Dave Mc Cary, after her breakup from Andrew Garfield.But, who has Emma Stone dated besides Andrew Garfield?For those unaware, Stone stays pretty tight-lipped about her private life. For example, it wasn't until October 2016 that she addressed her October 2015 split from Garfield, who she dated for four years.In October 2017, Andrew gushed about her new film and said that he is her biggest fan. Emma Stone was also associated with her co-star of the 2017 film ‘Battle of the Sexes’, Austin Stowell.