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12 Feb

Rock bands certainly pushed what they could get away in their videos too.It was reissued as a paperback on June 29, 2004, with an additional chapter and photos.The book primarily details Lords' career in the adult film industry, when she appeared underage in dozens of pornographic films and became one of the most notable pornstars of the 1980s.She is actually seen throughout the video, dancing up in back to the right of the drummer, and according to an interview Vollmer did, she had been sent over to the taping by the film company, he didn’t quite know who she was just yet.She’d just appeared in the September 1984 issue on , partly because it also featured a nude pictorial on Vanessa Williams, who had won the Miss America Pageant the previous year — you see how this is all connected?

Her parents divorced when she was 7-years-old due to her father's abusive behavior, and she moved with her mother and three sisters to her great-grandmother's house.

When she was 10, she was raped by a sixteen-year-old acquaintance.

aired the uncensored version of that video too, by the way — it was consequently banned by the BBC and heavily edited for its original run on the more prudish MTV, who weren’t exactly known for being progressively-minded despite their reputation for being so “hip.” Now, looking back, this Helix video certainly looks as sexist as you think it is, and the band members were probably right to feel a little bit crappy about making the vid in the first place, but what can any of us say about that? ) and Rip Taylor ended up appearing in the band’s video at the very end, seated on someone’s bad-ass motorcycle and surrounded by the band and the girls all waving goodbye.