Unmoderated cam chat

25 Jan

I have no idea if these carbs will work but we’ll find out soon.

If I have any trouble with the OEM block I’ll be looking to replace it with something like this. And here’s a closer view of the messy spaghetti inside.

I need an elf to come clean it up for me because if all my connections are good I’m not touching it.

I was concerned because the pull required was studly.

I recalled it always being stiff but I was worried about just how strong that spring tension felt.

Technically I could try to start it but the headlight is not mounted to the bucket, two exhaust hangers are not secured to the engine/peg mounts, and the front brake cable is not mounted in the far arm. When I got to tasting the finish last week it drove me to wrench harder after work this week, despite our local heat wave. Sorry I don’t have any photos to show of us leaping around the garage but we were busy!I could hardly sleep, dreaming about getting it all done. She must be out working in her garden so he leaves her a voicemail with the sound of an idling R-bike. I’ve still got a load of things to do (mentioned way up above) before I hit the road. I’m too burnt now to do much more unless it cools off today (fat chance).It’ll also prevent anyone from starting the bike with just a 10 penny nail, as Joe related anecdotally.The first piece is a collar that you wrap the original bucket tabs around.The cut end gets inserted into the brass sleeve (seriously tight fit) and held with three set screws.I worry about those set screws but the cable pull should have half the tension on it that it had before. Makes the clutch motion just stiff instead of “you’re shitting me, right?Here is the ignition key kit from Stan at Rocky Point Cycle.

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