Updating internal cell phone software

25 Jan

This meter will also give you the actual radiation level, but again, it only measures up to 30 microwatts/cm2.

So if you get an unsafe reading in your child’s classroom, for example, you won’t know whether that’s due to the Wi Fi or the lighting in the room – so you would need to turn off all the lights and unplug anything in the room.

But again, if you don’t care about the details and budget is key, then this one may meet your needs.

In my recent teleseminar with her, she said: “We did a study just last– a few years ago, itʼs just coming out this year, where we tested the response of the heart to microwave radiation and the arc exposure was 0.3 microwatts/cm2, so itʼs 3 times higher than that guideline that I just mentioned – and several of the people we tested blindly, so it wasnʼt a psycho-somatic response, they developed tachycardia which is a rapid heart rate and arrhythmia instantly as soon as we exposed them to the radiation from a cordless phone at 2.4 GHz.

So, if adults start having those symptoms and I know quite a few adults who have them, they suddenly feel; their heart starts beating, they have this pressure and pain in the chest area, theyʼre having an anxiety attack, thatʼs how the interpret it, or theyʼre having a heart attack and they donʼt know which and it scares them incredibly.

The better feature of this meter (over the above) is that covers 30 Hz – 5.5 GHz, so a much wider range of devices – but it still won’t catch the new 5.8 GHz cordless phones, baby monitors, etc. Basic RF Meter (.95) – This is another simple RF Meter and this one ONLY measures radio frequency microwave radiation (not electrical, nor magnetic fields), so less room for confusion.

It is also really small (keychain sized) only 1″x3″ – which again, may be a positive or a negative, depending on what you want it for. This one only measures up to 58 microwatts/cm2, so same problem using in North America where our upper “safety” limit is 1000 microwatts/cm2 – you’ll know it’s unsafe, but you won’t know how bad it is.

As a mom, you’ll likely want to test primarily for: If you can’t be bothered to read through the detailed meter descriptions below and you just want to know: What’s the cheapest, easiest meter that can measure pretty much everything?

Then this Cornet 8 GHZ RF Meter (Uni-directional 9.90 free shipping) will cover all your needs.

The good part about this meter is that it will give you the actual meter reading (e.g.

18 m W/m2) PLUS give you the color-coded ranges of safe/green-caution/yellow-unsafe/red.

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