Updating mingw

04 Feb

TDM-GCC statically links the required toolchain libraries into your final executable. Go through the installation pages, the red arrows are all the default options which we will be keeping and the last blue arrow is to indicate that you will be putting TDM-GCC into your system's PATH. Go to your Compiler settings: And then under the "Toolchain executables" tab (red arrow), click on the ellipsis ("...", blue arrow) and choose the root directory where you installed TDM-GCC 32-bit.Mingw-w64 - The parent project of Min GW-Builds, includes much more than is necessary - Min GW-Builds will usually suffice instead of the full works.Min GW Equation - A package that also provides Open MP. ZIP is convenient, especially when: building Code:: Blocks itself, but other than that these tools only serve specialized purposes.mingw-get-inst is a simple Inno Setup GUI installer that (indirectly) installs Min GW and MSYS.It actually only installs the new `mingw-get' executable and its support files---and then invokes that program to handle the actual installation.

Which means that when you create your installer for your final program there are less files to include - they are built into your executable itself. Once you have that directory chosen, in the "Program Files" sub-tab (green arrow) area fill out the fields as shown.

If you aren't using the TDM-GCC toolchain there might be minor variation in the executable names.

We will copy the settings of this compiler and then modify it. One last step, you need to update the toolchain under the tab Toolchain executables.

Under the drop down list of selected compiler, the GNU GCC Compiler should be selected by default.