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15 Feb

Make sure that you're connected to the internet using the same connection as your hub (for hub‑based remotes).This means new feature updates and quality updates will contain the payloads of all previous releases (in an optimized form to reduce storage and networking requirements), and installing the release on a device will bring it completely up to date.Also, unlike earlier versions of Windows, you cannot install a subset of the contents of a Windows 10 quality update.If you continue to experience issues, please see our Troubleshooting Harmony software article for more information and helpful tips.You can only check the current version when using a Harmony hub‑based remote, Harmony Touch or Ultimate One.

For example, if a quality update contains fixes for three security vulnerabilities and one reliability issue, deploying the update will result in the installation of all four fixes.

The Surface Hub operating system receives updates on the Semi-Annual Channel.

Harmony periodically releases updates to our remotes and hubs that may enable new features, deliver bug fixes or improve overall stability for your device.

Using Harmony with voice assist requires Harmony firmware 4.12.36 or higher.

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