Validatingtype sfdating ru

28 Jan

It determines weather the prompt character and/or literals are included in the formatted string. If it is included it will appear as part of the Masked Text Box.

I find that the literals act as nice delimiters which can easily be used to Split() the formatted string as you will see in the Parse function later in this tutorial.

Also there is no need to manipulate the string if you decide that you need to display it in a label or somewhere else just like it is.

Text string, if it is not included it will get converted into spaces.

I chose to include the Prompt character in the string as when we need to determine weather the entered longitude is valid we do have to check weather all numbers have been filled in.

The choice to include literals is a purely cosmetic one, cosmetic as in “it will still influence how to implement our Parse function, but that doesnt matter much”.