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10 Feb

Sadly it is now mostly in ruins, having been largely disused since the opening of the new church in 1877.

The family have a variety of interesting occupations. In the 1851 census they were living at 12 Greenland Grove, St Pancras.

I can find no trace of the family in the 1861 census, and suspect that St Pancras is another one of the London districts which has a number of missing pages.

Sam’s son (also called Sam) is buried here too, he had used his plough horses to break up a mob in nearby Thorpe Hesley when they tried to ambush his father and the visiting Charles Wesley.

William Cooper who died in 1781 had the foresight to leave instructions on the back of his stone in case it was ever knocked over, which did in fact happen.

His latest collection relates mostly to the various London Cruse lines.Amongst David's files was some correspondence from the Archives Office of New South Wales dating from 1988 concerning an Eliza Cruse who emigrated to Australia in 1872.Is there anyone researching the family of William Murdock Cruse and Sarah Caster?Does anyone know what became of Eliza after she emigrated to Australia?The online indexes have not been corrected so if anyone has been looking for Eliza they will probably not have been able to find her emigration records. Pancras, London, and her parents were William and Sarah. She was a member of the Church of England and could read and write.The papers supplied by the NSW Archives show that Eliza Cruse sailed from London to Australia on the , arriving at Moreton Bay, Sydney, on 8th January 1873. She had no relations in the Colony, and she was of good 'bodily health'.The clock itself no longer exists, but we are indebted to Mrs.