What kind of ethnicity should you be dating parent starts dating

24 Jan

Despite its geographic isolation, the history of ideas within Shetland is fundamentally one of interchange with the wider world.According to my family history research all my documented ancestors as far back as I can trace them are from the British Isles and predominantly from England.I know the names and birth places of 15 of my 16 great-great-grandparents and they are all English.Europe is subdivided into the following regions: Great Britain, Ireland, West Europe, Iberian Peninsula, Finnish/Northern Russia, Italy/Greece, Scandinavia, Europe East and European Jewish.My updated ethnicity percentages from Ancestry DNA can be seen below.

I know the names of 27 of my 32 great-great-great-grandparents, but I only know the birth places of 21 of these ancestors.

All of my known ancestors in this generation are again from the British Isles.

In this generation I have one illegitimate line which has prevented me from finding out the name of the remaining ancestor.

The birthplaces of these 15 great-great-grandparents are: Burrington, Devon; Bristol (2); Thornbury, Gloucestershire; Clapham, London; Colchester, Essex; Sandon, Hertfordshire; Limehouse, London; Bermondsey, London; Merriott, Somerset; Sydenham, Kent; Sydmonton, Hampshire; Kintbury, Berkshire; Westminster, London; Sherston, Wiltshire.