Who is amy lee dating 2016

13 Feb

Our meeting was the sole determining factor that set our lives and what we believed to be our destinies on their course.Nor have I been emotionally affected any of the countless times that criticism and malice have been directed at me.I don't obsess about what people whom I've never met have to say about me.Contrary to almost every EVANESCENCE fan's opinion… I literally handed everything over without fighting for a thing. "So many of you seem to be fighting a war that doesn't exist. "Do I expect gratitude for what I've done, or an apology for the resentment I've been shown with absolutely no basis? "Absolutely."So I'll skip a step..."You're welcome that I gave it all away, so that the connection I felt with you all through music might not die.what we were looking for was NOT an Amy Lee lookalike. Yet all I've heard for seven years is 'Ben Moody is an asshole for leaving. Ben put Amy through hell and betrayed her.' I honestly thought eventually you'd all move on, but WE ARE THE FALLEN has apparently incited an uprising. "Standing on that stage every night playing these songs and seeing so many people sharing the same experience was the greatest joy I've ever known. That those same people couldn't see that and abandoned me overnight, is the greatest heartache I've ever had to endure. It is done."EVANESCENCE is in no way threatened or concerned by WE ARE THE FALLEN, and WE ARE THE FALLEN is in no way threatening. You think listening to WE ARE THE FALLEN or enjoying WE ARE THE FALLEN or simply leaving it be is somehow betraying your loyalty to EVANESCENCE? But neither WE ARE THE FALLEN nor EVANESCENCE agree with you. And for the first time in a very long time, I'm happy.

That song was a little bit of storytelling about not wanting to accept the death of your loved one and just going nuts—to the point that I would go out and dig up the grave.

We rerecorded it for the box set because the only recording I had was a rough demo from [when I was] a kid.

And I am NEVER moved to respond, defend, or even acknowledge all of the countless misperceptions and inaccuracies about my life.

But, for some reason, I am compelled to break my silence.

At that time, there was no way we would ever complete another record together. That we'd be better off and EVANESCENCE didn't need her. "Here are a few major truths that escaped almost all of you…"I left so that EVANESCENCE would continue. It is remarkably rare that a person is ever faced with a decision like that in a lifetime. "Not only did I give Amy exactly what she wanted, and EVANESCENCE exactly what it needed, but I did everything in my power to ensure I didn't cause a single speed bump on their massive ride to worldwide success. I owned 50% of the trademark and property value of the now very valuable brand of EVANESCENCE. The only thing missing from my life was the satisfaction of playing the music I love most live.. In this time EVANESCENCE has progressed a great distance from the original sound.made it clear that they intended to expand much further. Why deny ourselves the experience of doing what it is we do best? "I made EVANESCENCE music to leave a mark on this world. And even though Amy Lee, the one you hold so dear, has TOLD YOU ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS that the happiest she's ever been in the band was after my departure…you make her a victim.

It was highly probable we wouldn't last the remainder of the tour. "Amy is very artistic and never has had a problem thinking outside of the box and defying expectations. ' "After an extensive search we were very fortunate to find what we looking for. She has absolute empirical control of the creative direction of EVANESCENCE for the rest of her life. Why is it that so many of you refuse to acknowledge that?