Who is kelly rowland dating now in 2016

18 Jan

Earlier this week, one sleuthing superfan revealed hints have recently been dropping, like when member Michelle Williams shared a throwback of one of their outfits.

Users took to Twitter to complain about the MTV star's involvement with the company, claiming her past use of homophobic slurs and criminal record made her unfit to be a Blue Apron ambassador.

After customers reminded the company about the time Evans allegedly "starved one of her kids and it was all caught on camera," Blue Apron decided to officially cut ties with the reality momma.

but it won't be a reunion with her Destiny's Child girls. The outlet reports that sources directly connected to Bey are says she currently has NO plans to bring the four other former members of Destiny's Child — Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, La Tavia Roberson, and Le Toya Luckett — on stage with her when she performs at Coachella next year.

That's in direct contradiction to If you want to see Destiny's Child reunite, you better get that on your vision board!

“It’s the greatest thing about friendship, when you’re able to grow up together and your children are able to grow up together,” the 35-year-old said.“It's just years upon years of beautiful friendship and sisterhood.” But when it comes to friend turning into potential in-laws, Rowland can only laugh. ” she explained when asked if she hoped the two would date someday.OH, and when original member La Tavia Roberson also teased some big news on social media!!Video: Michelle Talks Battling Depression At Height Of Destiny's Child's Fame Even Le Toya Luckett shared a throwback shot of the OG Destiny's Child on Instagram! See (below): Filed under: Kelly Clarkson • Fashion Smashion • Awardz • Selena Gomez • Solange • Kelly Rowland • Ciara • Red Carpet • Dolce & Gabbana • Versace • Elle Fanning • Wardrobe Malfunctionz • Taraji P.While Titan has a cousin in Blue Ivy, he is without a sibling — for now. He’s 2 and he’s tearing up my house and drawing on my walls,” Rowland said, adding that she could handle one more.Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland have gone from Destiny’s Child to mothers of toddlers, and though Rowland’s son Titan, 2, and Bey’s daughter Blue Ivy, 4, are close in age, don’t get your hopes up about Destiny’s… Rowland was asked the weird and impertinent question about her son’s long-way-off dating life, and ruled out the idea that Titan and Blue Ivy would ever hook up.