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06 Feb

Kelly called Aaliyah, whom he had first met when she was 12, his "best friend in the whole, wide world."In 1998, R.Bear in mind that this is a new Twitter account for Takaoka, as his previous account was deleted due to his hateful tweet about the ‘Korean New Wave’, which also led to his resignation from his agency and the derailment of his career.Despite a new start in the social networking verse, Takaoka’s tweets still consist of the same old bitterness regarding his failed marriage.You don’t know how relieved I felt when I was finally released from this situation.However, when asked about his trip to a love hotel with gravure idol Kinbara Asuka back in 2009, he denied that they had done anything during that night.

Fellow artists continued to sign up to collaborate, including Jay-Z, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.