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15 Feb

Don’t Take Paid Leave—Even if You’re Sick My fellow colleague came into the office wearing a mask.

Plus, Japan isn’t merit based so even if you work hard and produce results you won’t be rewarded.

Raises and promotions only happen through hierarchy and commitment to the company—in other words, you’ll get a real raise after you work there for 10-20 years.

Ungodly Amounts of Overtime In Japan it’s very normal to work late into the wee hours, no matter the industry.

Employees often work 14 hour days, with one Japanese man confessing that he put in over 100 hours of overtime into his job—each month.

Leaving before your superior, or even your senpai (seniors aka people that worked there longer/are older than you), is awkward.I mean, if Tanaka-san leaves at 5 pm everyday but everyone else works until 10, then Tanaka-san is, essentially, a selfish bastard and doesn’t care about his fellow man. The only one who can get away with leaving early is the foreign English teacher, because s/he’s not a “real” member of the team—but that’s a story for another day.