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08 Feb

There are plenty of choices in the outer market too.So, until (and if) the final moving date is confirmed, there is still a giant fish market and a unique tuna auction to be experienced.Be a conscious consumer of both the Tsukiji experience and sushi.And by “not heated very well”, I mean “not heated at all”. The auction area is similarly frigid—especially since the tuna are frozen (and must remain frozen). They won’t tell you this, but it is alright to sit on the floor. Bring a book, magazine or extra batteries for your phone so you don’t drain it browsing other awesome articles on our site.Most people try to hold out for about 30 minutes before eventually giving up and sitting down. But if you are discreet about it and don’t consume food in the actual auction hall, you should be fine.

It also has a super-famous Tuna Auction before the sun rises most mornings.Note: The planned Tsukiji Market relocation has been postponed until Fall 2018 at the earliest.The first tour is allowed to attend the auction between am and am, the second tour is allowed a view between am and am.However, you’ll need to arrive earlier to ensure you reserve your spot; during peak season this might be as early as 1am! ) to leave it, you could consider going with a private guide, who’ll know exactly when you need to turn up. Sunday is always closed and Wednesday is regularly, but not always, closed.As a result, you’ll need to spend the night somewhere near the market if you want to visit the live Tuna Auction.